All About Geopolitics of Technology

Technology is radically changing the nature of the world and competition between countries, making geopolitics one of the biggest problems facing the economy today. Robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, cybersecurity, semiconductors, space … Technology, especially in the digital sector, has a huge impact on all human activities today and also on international relations.

At the country level, geopolitics is increasingly driven by the boundless technological race as countries recognize that technology will give them a strategic advantage in the 21st century. The dynamics of international competition and cooperation are changing. You can also learn more about the geopolitical effects of technology via

The program consistently addresses international issues with respect to so-called critical technologies. This work is divided into four cross-cutting topics:

1) Power: Redistribution of power through new technologies, especially digital technologies; military and dual innovation; international competition transformation;

2) Sovereignty: Definition of critical infrastructure and technology; Industrial policy and innovation in strategic sectors; opportunities and risks associated with international value chains;

3) Management: ethical and legal issues; interactions between companies, countries, international organizations, and consumers; public-private partnerships and GovTech;

4) Society: The political and social impact of technological innovation; risks and opportunities for the future of work, health, combating climate change; connectivity and economic development.