Buy Cute Shichon Puppies

Shih Chon is an artificially produced lineage. Breeders deliberately mix Shih Tzu with Bichon Frize to produce these pups. Although the Shih Chon is a combination of these two young children, it tends to show traits from one genetic parent or the other, whichever is dominant. This can result in very different colors, sizes, and temperaments. Many people put these shichon puppies for sale. If you want to buy shichon puppies from the sale you can get them via

Woofs and Winnies

Shih Chon would weigh ten to twenty kilograms and as an adult would be three feet tall. With that in mind, it’s a little bigger than most people think. Shih Chon has a long and beautiful coat. Of course, this also means regular brushing and cleaning. Most of these babies need a bath at least every few days. Bathing is mandatory once a month unless the dog gets into more dirty places than usual.

The race is supposed to behave like a little human. This dog likes more and more people and playing. This is not a dog that is kept in the backyard all day. Instead, this dog needs interaction with the family and always wants to stay happy and active. This is not a guard dog breed. Shih Chon was raised to be fun and friendly. This means that these dogs get friendly with everyone, including strangers.

Like most small dogs, this puppy can suffer from minor dog disease and become cocky if you allow it to escape the behavior. Communication and training should take place with this puppy as quickly as possible. When you take steps like this, the puppy must be loyal and disciplined.

Shih Chon will succeed in apartment life as long as this dog needs lots of exercises every day. Otherwise, these puppies can become boring and destructive. Daily walks are also recommended. However, be aware of the potential for hot or cold weather issues.