Canvas Art Prints – Unusual Ideas For Subjects

Canvas is fast becoming the medium of choice for art prints in the home – no need for frames, the material displays colour beautifully, canvas prints are durable and can be made much larger than standard prints by utilising the panel technique.

If you like the idea of having canvas printing in your home, but you dislike the idea of having the same thing everybody else does, we have some unconventional ideas for subjects for you. Make your visitors laugh, stare, shake their head in wonder, or just reach out to touch your print, with one of these ideas!

You can buy art print canvas ( which is also known as " kunstdrucke leinwand " in the German language ) type of painting online also.

1. Old people

Children are one of the most photographed subjects on Earth… and understandably so! However the wisdom and individuality that is apparent in a face at the other end of the life cycle can make for a stunning piece of canvas printing in your home. Up the contrast of your photos to accentuate wrinkles a little, and don't be afraid to get close-up to your subjects (using your zoom to help respect personal space).

2. 'Non-pretty' people

Every face has a story to tell – and if you can either find (on the internet) or take your own photo of someone whose face expresses something strong, it won't matter at all where they fit into the conventional beauty scale.

3. Don't photograph faces

Hands and feet can actually be great subjects for canvas photos! Capture them in motion – you can use a long shutter speed and keep the camera still to create colour trails behind your subject, or keep that long shutter speed and pans the camera in the direction that your subject is moving to create a photo where the subject is in focus, but the background is still. These techniques take practice, but make for amazing canvas photos.