Canvas Wall Art – Best Hanging And Arrangement Tips

There are many ways to hang canvas wall art. Hang your paintings vertically or horizontally. You can also offset them at different heights. It is important that paintings are hung at eye level. If you have to strain your neck or bend down to view a photograph clearly, it will make it harder to appreciate art.

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Here are some ways to hang your canvas:

1) Hang multiple paintings at different heights. Hang one painting first, then hang the second one a few inches lower or higher. You can organize offset hanging by placing the paintings on the ground so that you can arrange them like a puzzle.

2) Hang equal-sized canvas pieces with similar themes, styles, and colors in a vertical row. This is a good way to hang three to four paintings. These paintings would look great in a corridor or hallway, above a long couch or rectangular dining room table, or above a queen- or king-sized bed.

3) Hang some paintings diagonally along the staircase. Measure from the floor upwards to find out where your hooks and nails should be placed. Hang the first painting 5 feet away from the floor. Then, hang the next one up or down. Hang the painting at intervals of 3-4 steps on the stairway.



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