Daily Forklift Truck Maintenance

Many businesses need forklift trucks for their daily operations. Forklift trucks can be valuable pieces of machines for any business involved or plan to get involved, the movement of goods and heavy materials. If you want to buy a forklift by rent in Singapore then click site. Forklifts are widely used, and there are many types of machines, each more suitable for certain jobs.

It’s important to note if your business requires the use of a number of different types of machines. Make sure that every operator has taken the conversion course to cover the additional truck types needed for driving. The main components of each forklift truck training course and one of the first elements taught is a routine daily examination, which must be done on the machine before use. This is the case for diesel trucks, gas or electricity, where the following examination must be done:


Check the electrolyte battery level after charging the battery
Check the hydraulic oil level
Check all wheel nuts for tightness
Check the hose for leaks and damage
Check tires visually for damage and inflationary pressure
In addition to ensuring that the battery is recharged after each shift, and avoid being involved in random charging.


Check the radiator water level
Check machine oil level
Check all wheel nuts for tightness
Check the fuel level
Check water traps visually

In short, by ensuring that your machine is well maintained, and a daily examination is done, it can not only extend whatever life of the machine has a business and ensure security is maintained but also ensures that additional costs are not issued and the smooth running of your business is confirmed.


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