Discover About The Bengal Cat Breed in The UK

A Bengal is a hybrid , a crossover between the cat and the Asian predator (Prionailurus Bengalensis), a tiny wild cat found in Asia and more especially from the Bengal area. The end result of this combination is magnificent: a miniature leopard using a "wild" appearance of the Asian predator as well as the "sweet" character of the domestic feline! You'll find below all Bengal cat breed information that you want to understand!

Among the first things most men and women see about the Bengal cat's body is his lovely fur which reproduces his ancestors. The spots which may be observed anywhere on his body will also be called rosettes. It provides the cat an exotic look. It's surprising to see exactly how glossy and soft his fur is. Occasionally we could see a slender, glistening veil on his body that resembles gold dust, known as "glitter". There are many kinds of Bengal cats such as the snow Bengal cat and the silver Bengal cat. If you want to buy silver Bengal cat & kittens for sale in the UK, then you can check out the web.

silver bengal cat

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Beginning at age 3-4 weeks, the Bengal kitty undergoes a period of fuzzy producing his fur markings much less contrasted and this period can last for 3 to 5 weeks. This is a direct legacy of the tiger, which can be used to conceal young leopards in their predators. One other important point is that the Bengal cat breed isn't hypoallergenic despite the number of folks claim. 


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