Family Mediation – A Better Answer to Family Disputes

All human beings are at the most basic level governed by deep primitive instincts – such as the “fight or flight” response – which oppose and conflict with our gifted sense of self and awareness. When faced with a potentially dangerous or difficult situation, most people choose to hold on or run away. 

When dealing with wildlife in the jungle, it is a practical instinct and it is important to react. However, if there is a personal crisis with a partner or other family member, this is not always the perfect way to deal with it. 

In this situation, it's important to remember that you have more than two options: you can fight back – literally or through a divorce. You can also hire a mediator if you want to get your pet. Animal rights mediation can help you to deal in the best way possible.

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Not instinctive:- Mediation is not an instinctive response and, therefore, it is often difficult to make a decision between the people arguing. We often think of punishing our partners or running away from our problems. But a more civilized approach to dealing with problems with a trained mediator and finding general solutions to your problems requires overcoming your instincts and entering a higher level of thinking. 

Abandoning the struggle:- However, agreeing to meditation alone is not enough. Some people just use mediation as a new battleground, and this often happens while they are still in the middle of the fight or fleeing the reaction.