How Environmental Workers Test for Asbestos Levels in a Place?

inspection in Newcastle Asbestos

Environmental health professionals know how to maintain cleanliness and sanitation. During their job, they are likely to be aware of toxins they will be contracting, probably the dangerous asbestos. They might catch asbestos in a natural way or while handling construction materials. That’s why they have some pre-defined methods to check for asbestos levels.

How They do the Tests?

Before starting with their work, professionals perform some testing methods. For instance, in activity-based sampling, they collect air samples for evaluation of exposure levels by performing specific activities. For accuracy in results, testing can be used as a worst-case scenario. Herein, they perform the tests to find the highest potential of damage. As a precaution to avoid infection, workers use proper protective gear.

The testing is not suitable for bigger areas as the process provides insights into the possible exposure for a specific area and time.

  • Asbestos Field Sampling: This approach to asbestos testing involves lesser costs and labor needs because of releasable field samplers. For this testing, the soil is disturbed and raked using machines, followed by the release of potential asbestos in the air. Although a less expensive method, it might make asbestos levels appear higher than the actuals.
  • Water Sampling: Watching the surface water is another inexpensive and easy way to test for asbestos presence. Professionals take water samples and look at the glass bottles in a lab to test for asbestos and other toxins. It’s a common test for drinking water but can be used for groundwater and other water forms.

Asbestos inspection in Newcastle involves professionally acclaimed methods to test and remove asbestos across a range of establishments.


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