How To Paint Your Car In NZ

Here we discuss in detail about car paint in NZ:

For car paint, you need elbow oil, spray gun, compressor, solvent, sandpaper, and several hand tools to solve it. There are no special paint booths or facilities needed for automotive car paint. You can paint your car in your own garage or carport and get good results.

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All work will only take one or two days and the whole process involves only a few simple steps:

o Choose a location to paint your car (far from the sun, wind, rain).o Assembly pistol paint, paint, sand paper, tools.

o Wash the car and eliminate all candles and oil.

o Improve scratches and slamming.

o sanding.

o Masking.

o Cat and clear coat application.

For the best results plan to do the whole car as a single painting process, rather than painting in parts or segments. You will get a smoother and more smooth appearance, which means a more professional display for your paint work. The average car painting work requires three coats of paint and clear, and every coat must dry out within fifteen minutes. 

The actual painting of all coats should only take about one and a half hours and no more than a few hours. When you manage the body, go slowly, and check your work progress carefully. You can even search online to get more information about car paint in NZ.