Take Advantage Of The HarperCollins Study Bible

The HarperCollins Study Bible is a valuable Bible study tool for anyone who is serious about studying the Bible. This is a great addition to the Bible study library.

Here’s a brief explanation of why you should choose to buy this study Bible

The book contains a good selection of maps, tables, and charts, and the introduction to the book is helpful, and you can learn about Jesuss ancient timeline. but perhaps the most important element is the many annotations throughout the book. 

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The notes offer many points of intersection and explain where biblical "researchers" differ in interpretation. You will also find that when a perspective is offered, you know it is an opinion or statement other than fact. So you have the option of choosing an interpretation for yourself rather than forcing it on you.

You can also find helpful titles on various topics or events between verses, as well as a list of Old Testament passages that appear in the New Testament.

But some points of contention in the HarperCollins Research Bible may be that the authors believe the content is legendary or fictional such as passages from Daniel; Jonah, Esther, or miracle, or where they seem to call the text gender neutral construct. And you may find that the matches are too small, but enough to help you find important verses.

In general, this book is recommended as an aid to understanding where scholars differ in their interpretation and understanding of the perspective of facts offered. This will help you develop independent thinking and reduce your dependence on others for your Bible knowledge.



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