Tips For Renting A Bike For First Timers In Israel

If you are planning to rent a bike, there are a few things you need to be aware of beforehand. You should know what type of bike is best for you? How do you make sure your bike is of the right size for you? All these queries might come up while you are planning to rent a bike.

Here are some great tips for choosing, planning, and running your first bike tour:

1. Documents required to rent a bike

There are some rules set by the motorcycle rental companies; you must bring the relevant documents. This includes driver's license and identity cards.

2. A thorough assessment of the vehicle to be rented

Do a thorough inspection of the bike before renting it. Always check the tires for damage and the oil tank for leaks. Don't forget to check the status of the turn signal and lights and make sure everything is working properly. The most important thing is to check the brakes.

3. Test your driving behavior before renting it

To avoid possible problems, you can also do a test ride on the bike. The engine test gives you an idea of the condition of the engine and whether or not you are comfortable driving this vehicle.

4. Wear your helmet

Always make sure you wear your helmet. If you're not wearing one, make sure you arrange it yourself, either by the company or elsewhere. If someone is with you, make sure they are also wearing a helmet.

5. Check if the vehicle has all the required certificates

Make sure the vehicle you are renting has the correct vehicle registration, environmental certificate, and other permits that may be required and up to date. 


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