Use Portable Speed Bump For Traffic Safety and Protection

Nothing is scarier to someone, especially a parent, than hearing a vehicle hit you just as you or your child are crossing the road. Because of this, collisions occur, especially on roads with high pedestrians or near areas where children can be run over by speeding. 

However, this special traffic calming device is not a mobile device, and you cannot build the device wherever you want at any time. You can get the best traffic calming speed bumps made by professionals. 

Flow Plate and Speed Ramp Combo up to HGV-Surface mounted flow Plate and Speed Ramp Combo up to HGP Barriers Direct

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Hence, portable bumps are used to solve this particular traffic problem. The main reason for building the mound was to reduce the speed of the car from 40 mph to 20 mph. 

When this is achieved, the risk of injury to a person being hit by a vehicle is drastically reduced. In communities where there are many children on the road or a lot of foot traffic, speed limit switches help injure minors in accidents.

But what about places where installing a constant speed boom would prevent a smooth flow of traffic? In cases where a device is needed to calm traffic, but not permanently, a portable speed booster is the ideal solution. 

Most useful in the heavy foot and vehicle traffic, it is a practical solution to quiet traffic needs. Due to its portability, it can be placed for a period of time and then easily removed. This is especially useful at events such as concerts, bazaars, and school events.