Why First Aid Training in Geelong is Essential

Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety and health of their workers. Even the most meticulous and diligent employer, who abides by the law strictly, cannot guarantee that his workers will not be injured during a shift. It doesn't matter how big or small the mishap, it is essential that at least one person on each floor, factory, or office is trained in first aid. First aid training is vital.

Important to remember, the 1981 Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations stipulate that employers must provide appropriate and adequate first-aid for all employees. This is reinforced by the recommendation of the Health and Safety executives that a member of staff is properly trained to provide first aid while working. The act requires that the first aid must be properly trained and maintained in training to ensure that they can treat any workplace injuries.

Companies like firstaidtraininggroup.com/courses-main/first-aid-courses offer specialized training courses to industry to ensure that the first aid of a company is properly trained and can keep up with current training. Over 100,000 people are trained annually by the Red Cross each year. Practical and theoretical first aid training is offered.

In order to gain the mandatory certificate of competence, nominated first aiders in the workplace must complete a minimum of 24 hours of training, usually completed over four days, or spread over three weeks. Competence certificates are valid for three years, ensuring that first aiders receive regular retraining.



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