Your Child’s Home Away From Home – The Child Care Center

During the last two decades, the increase in demand for more child care centers has grown significantly due to the increase in the number of families in which both parents have full-time jobs, as well as the number of single mothers working in society. The number of daycare or daycare centers has grown exponentially as many people abandon their current careers to take advantage of this opportunity. Unfortunately, not all of these facilities offer the best facilities for your child.

Remember that the decision you make when selecting a child care center will not only affect your child, it will affect you in the long run as well. Here is some suggestions on how to choose your child’s second home – the child care center you enroll him in: You can also check the best childcare in Guildford online at minimasterminds.com.au/guildford-child-care-centre/.

Make a list of child care centers and visit each one; Make a list of 5 or 6 of these centers and then visit each one. Talk to the principal and some of his teachers to find out the following:

o Credentials/accreditation and license information

or how clean is the facility

o How many adults are employed at the child care center

or the type of food being served to the children

o The number of children who are enrolled in each facility

Check the qualifications of staff members – these people should have undergone a proper evaluation before being hired. Also, you should ask if they have undergone background checks and fingerprints.

Do some more research; In closing, if you only speak to the manager or owner and some of the staff members, you will probably only hear positive comments about the facility. You should also check with your local area Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Social Services regarding each facility on your list. Find out if the care center has a good reputation in the community.


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