5 Garage Cabinet Organization Ideas

You can organize your garage by using a variety of storage tools and methods. These include plastic bags, mesh nets, sliding drawers, and shelves. Use your creativity to find the right solutions for your space. There are many ways to organize your garage, so take some time to plan the best organization system for your home.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags are a great way to store garage items. They are inexpensive, durable, and can hold a lot of items. They are also easily accessible. To make these bins even more functional, label them with the same color and font. You can use a variety of colors to create a colorful, organized look.

You can also use empty tissue boxes. These boxes are perfect for storing bags. You can stuff the bags inside and then roll them out to pull them out smoothly. Another good idea is to put the plastic bags into command strips that can be attached to cabinets. This plastic bag organizer can cost less than $10.

A large juice jug can also be transformed into a plastic bag organizer. Simply cut off the top of the jug and put plastic bags inside it. Then, make a hole on the side and hang the jug from a command strip or hook. A mesh bag holder is also a great way to organize plastic bags.

Mesh nets

Mesh nets can be a great way to organize your garage. Whether you are DIY-ing it yourself or buying a kit, mesh nets will help you store all of your small items in one place. You can even use mesh nets to store things like paintbrushes and rubber bands that don’t mix well together.


Shelves are an excellent way to add extra storage to your garage. You can choose freestanding units or wall-mounted shelving. Choose shelving with sturdy support for heavier items such as lawn mowers and snow blowers. Depending on your storage needs, you can use different materials for each type of shelf.

Using compartment shelving is also a great way to keep small items organized. Smaller items can easily clog tote bins and cabinets. Compartment shelving allows you to keep these items in their place while providing additional surfaces for other items. For example, a 15-cubby cube organizer is a great choice for organizing cleaning supplies and shoes. The cubbies measure 5.75 by 4.5 inches in size and are available in a smooth white laminate finish.

Using shelves is also a good way to keep items off the floor. You can even install floor-to-ceiling shelving to make the most of your space. You can even opt for an open garage storage system that uses moveable brackets and fixed runners to maximize storage space. You can get these garage storage systems at Home Depot. They come with several different types of shelving and a pegboard-style wall panel for organizing your things.

Overhead racks are also a great option for storage. These are ideal for storage because they do not interfere with the up-and-over door. However, they are not suited for heavy items.

Sliding drawers

Garage cabinets with sliding drawers are a great way to organize your tools. These convenient organizers come in several shapes and sizes, and you can easily customize them to meet your specific needs. Installing these organizers is easy and will improve your garage’s organization and appearance. To install one, you will need to use the screws included with the slides.

To install these organizers, make sure the cabinet is sized correctly. First, measure the cabinet’s opening. After that, subtract the width of the component from the overall measurement. Using a template will make the process easier. Once you have the measurements, you can install the sliders.

Another great option for garage cabinet organization is to install plastic bins. They are extremely functional and can be installed on slatted walls, which will prevent holes in the drywall. This design also lets you reposition the cabinets if necessary. These plastic storage containers are sturdy and will hold up to 150 pounds of equipment. They’re also coated to resist corrosion.

Garage cabinets with sliding drawers can help you organize tools in a practical way. These units are easy to install and will add more space to your garage. And you can store almost anything in them. They will also make your garage look neat and tidy. You can also install magnetic tool bars to make organizing your tools easier.

Storage walls

Storage walls are an easy way to organize your garage. They solve two of the biggest problems faced by garage cabinet organizers: mounting surfaces and storage space. You can build them out of inexpensive shelf standards and horizontal strips of wood. These can be strung through holes in the wall to hold shelving and hooks. They’re easy to rearrange too. You can even use a single row of them to store smaller items.

To maximize the storage capacity of vertical wall shelves, you can install storage bins. Label each bin to make it easy to find the right one. You can also install multi-drawer storage bins in the garage. These are great for storing small items and can be easily assembled for a lower cost than buying a custom cabinet.

Another way to maximize wall space is to hang pegboards and tool racks. These work well if you’re working on a massive storage wall and need to organize many tools. Pegboards are also useful for hanging coats and bags next to the door. To customize them, you can buy specialty hooks and shelves for more storage space.

Garage walls are great storage units and you can buy them online or from yard sales. You can also create a DIY garage wall by adding cabinets and shelves. You can also use baskets instead of bins to hold smaller items. Lastly, you can also hang plastic piping on wooden beams and create overhead storage space.

Using a shed

If you have a storage shed, organizing it can be a great way to declutter and tidy up. However, organizing a storage shed can be more complicated than organizing a linen closet, so it’s best to start by prioritizing the items you use most often. This will help you create an organized space in which you can store and easily access your things.

Hanging wooden dowels is an effective way to organize the space in your shed. This method is simple and takes little effort. Another DIY idea is to make a tool hanger out of leftover PVC piping. You can also hang storage jars on the wall and secure them with a wooden shelf. This allows you to access the tools without having to dig through all your storage items.

Another great shed organization idea is using adjustable shelves. These shelves are great because they can be adjusted to fit a wide range of items. You can even use free-standing shelves to store things like plastic tubs. These shelves can be reorganized easily, and they’re durable and have grated bottoms.

You can also make use of storage boxes for items that you don’t use as often. These storage boxes can also serve as plant stands. This way, you can free up floor space for more useful items. If you have a wooden shed, you can also make use of the walls. The space between the studs is often unused, so you can use this space to store balls and other items.


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