Use Cases For Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology that is serving companies across a broad array of industries. AI can help improve business operations and increase sales.

Many popular services and apps use AI to deliver a more personalized user experience. These include smart home devices, digital personal assistants and web search engines.

1. Customer Experience

Customer experience is a critical aspect of a business’s success. A positive one can boost brand loyalty, promote repeat business, and encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

Increasingly, companies are using AI to help improve their customer service experiences. This includes reducing wait times, empowering agents with more time to focus on higher-level tasks, and offering 24-hour support via chatbots.

Artificial intelligence can also help companies improve their customer support processes and increase employee productivity. FullStory, for example, saved employees 1.5 hours each week, or almost two work weeks annually, by integrating their Zendesk support app with AI-powered chatbots.

AI helps companies collect and analyze customer data to identify profitable opportunities and take action in real time. It also lets companies create personalized shopping experiences and email messages that reflect customers’ preferences. Streamlining sales and marketing processes can save organizations time and money, and it can help them build trust with potential customers. In addition, AI can help companies automate repetitive and mundane tasks so that teams can focus on high-value tasks.

2. Sales

Sales is an area where a lot of time and energy is invested to keep customers happy. Fortunately, AI is helping businesses make that process a bit more efficient and effective.

Sales professionals can use AI to improve their prospecting processes, increase lead conversion rates and boost sales pipelines. They can also use AI to identify a customer’s interests and recommend the right solutions.

AI can also assist with the sales process by automatically collecting relevant data about a client and finding patterns in that data. This information can then be used to help the rep build a more personalized and meaningful relationship with that client.

The use of AI in the sales process is still in its early stages. However, numerous surveys show that sales teams using AI see increased revenue and improved conversion rates.

3. Marketing

Marketing is a critical part of business operations and an important use case for AI. It involves learning what customers want and finding ways to deliver those products and services.

It is also essential to know how to adapt your marketing strategy when new factors arise. For example, if there is a global pandemic, you’ll need to change your strategy to match the new realities.

For example, AI can help you understand and respond to changing needs by providing you with real-time personalizations based on past behavior. This will make it easier to customize your customer experience.

AI is also being used in e-commerce, where it can help provide users with add-on recommendations. For example, it can suggest products like screen guards, back covers and earphones that may be relevant for the model they have already purchased. This is a great way to increase sales.

4. Operations

AI applications have the capability to streamline and automate many aspects of operations. This includes identifying and eliminating unnecessary processes, reducing the cost of additional employees, and improving results.

In addition, AI-based applications are capable of analyzing customer data at high speeds to respond to their needs quickly and in real time. This can help businesses to better engage customers and increase their sales.

For example, a consumer’s online search history can be used to suggest products that are useful or similar to the products they’ve purchased recently. This is a great way to boost cross-selling and upselling.

Similarly, a self-driving car’s artificial intelligence software must analyze its surroundings to ensure that it does not collide with other cars, people, or objects. This is a huge challenge for AI to overcome.


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