Best Places to Visit in Alaska

While traveling through Alaska, you’ll want to make sure you take in the best of the state’s natural beauty. Check out these places: Denali National Park, Glacier Bay, Mendenhall Ice Caves, and Ketchikan. These are the best places to visit in Alaska, and they’ll all leave you with a lasting impression.

Denali National Park

For those interested in adventure, Denali National Park is a great place to start your trip. The park’s Visitor Center has films and exhibits and offers ranger-led programs. It is also home to a working sled dog kennel. These dogs patrol the park during winter months and you can view their puppies.

Travelers can easily reach the park via car, train, or shuttle. The park has an extensive bus system and the train runs once per day. Cars are only allowed on the first 15 miles of the park road and to the Savage River Campground. However, many visitors opt to take the bus for the rest of the park.

Denali National Park is home to the world’s tallest mountain, Denali. The park also offers flightseeing excursions, departing from Anchorage and Talkeetna. Some of these trips feature glacier landings. These tours are ideal for people who are pressed for time. Aside from Denali, wildlife in the park includes caribou, black bears, and wolves.

Glacier Bay

Visiting Glacier Bay is an incredible experience, and a must for anyone who loves fishing. The bay is home to some of the world’s best salmon and other fish species. You can also try your luck on the famous Dungeness crab. Even if you’re not a fisherman, you can still enjoy the park’s breathtaking landscapes. There are many different charter fishing tours to choose from.

In addition to the many hiking trails, you can enjoy the wildlife of Glacier Bay National Park. The park is home to grizzly bears, bald eagles, wolves, marmots, sea otters, and lynx. While exploring the park, be sure to bring along a bear spray and mosquito repellent.

When you’re planning your trip to Alaska, don’t forget to include Glacier Bay in your itinerary. It’s the quintessential Alaska attraction and the ancestral home of the Native people. While most people visit Glacier Bay on a cruise ship, there are plenty of other ways to experience the Bay on your own.


If you’re looking for a fun day trip in Alaska, Ketchikan is the place to be. Set in the Tongass National Forest, this city is surrounded by towering trees and moss-covered trails. Hiking trails are available for those with different skill levels, and you may even find edible fruits. The town is also known for its spectacular sights, including the 100-year-old Guard Island Lighthouse, which you can view from a charter boat. Visitors can also explore the waterfront area, where you’ll find several restaurants and bars. The Artic Bar has a bear statue, and the waterfront offers plenty of choices for those seeking to enjoy a nightcap.

While you’re in Ketchikan, take the time to visit the Saxman Native Village. This village is home to the largest collection of standing totem poles in the world. These totems are replicas of the original poles that were abandoned by Native Alaskans. There are also clan houses and a carving shed where native carvers work on traditional projects.


Sitka is a city in the state of Alaska. It is a borough located near Juneau. The city spans Baranof Island and part of Chichagof Island. This port city was once part of Russia until 1867, when it was seized by the United States. The city is home to an onion-domed Russian Orthodox cathedral, as well as the Russian Bishop’s House. In addition, visitors can visit the Sitka National Historical Park, where Russian explorers defeated the native Tlingit people. This park is also home to a trail of totem poles, a reminder of the area’s long and turbulent history.

Sitka is also located near the Tongass National Forest. It is a small town with a rich history, blending Tlingit and Russian heritages. The town was also the site of the transfer ceremony when the US bought Alaska from the Russians. The town is accessible by air or sea, and visitors will find plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy.


There are many things to see and do in Fairbanks, Alaska. This unique community is located at 65 degrees north latitude and offers visitors everything they could possibly need. From the rich history to the many museums, this place has something to offer everyone. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of the area year-round.

Pioneer Park is a collection of historic buildings along the Chena River. It has a playground and a carousel, and many shops and museums. In summertime, you can sit outside and enjoy the view of the river. You can also go for dinner at the nearby Pike’s Landing.

Fairbanks is one of the best places in the world to catch the Aurora Borealis. The northern lights are visible in Fairbanks for three days in the fall and winter. You can almost guarantee to see them, and you can capture the beautiful images with long exposures or your phone’s nighttime settings.


Juneau, Alaska is a city with plenty to offer the outdoors-lovers. Hiking is popular here, and there are a variety of trails to choose from. Some of the most popular include the Perseverance Trail, Granite Creek Trail, Mount Juneau Trail, and Mt. Roberts Trail. There is also the Dan Moller Trail on Douglas Island, which offers great views. Other hiking options include Mendenhall Lake, Mendenhall Glacier, and Mendenhall River Trail.

Mount Roberts towers over Juneau, providing a panoramic view of the city. There are hiking trails up Mount Roberts, as well as trams to take you up the mountainside. You can take the tram or hike up to the peak, and both options start and end at the same landing point. Mount Roberts is one of the best places to visit in Juneau.

The Alaska State Museum is another great attraction in Juneau. It features important artifacts from the region’s history and culture. The museum also hosts different exhibits throughout the year, focusing on different aspects of the region’s history.


Girdwood is a resort town located in Alaska. It is a part of Anchorage Municipality. If you are looking for a destination that is both picturesque and comfortable, then you should consider going to this town. The town is home to many local attractions.

In the summer, you can go fishing in local glacial streams or hiking in the alpine rain forests. Other things to do in Girdwood include flightseeing and mountain climbing. In addition, the town also offers a tramway that takes visitors two-and-a-half miles above Girdwood. This scenic ride provides breathtaking views of the Turnagain arm and the surrounding mountains. The town also has several gift shops and restaurants, and has a variety of hotels and B&Bs to choose from.

A short drive from Anchorage, Girdwood is a charming town with a lot to offer. From a relaxing Nordic spa to kayaking through a glacier valley, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. The town is a popular day-trip destination. It is also a convenient stopping point for travelers who are headed south. The town is also a great place to stop for lunch.


Yakutat is a beautiful town in western Alaska. The town has a harbor that is suitable for both commercial and pleasure boats. It offers boat slips, water, electricity, and a boat ramp. The town has a physician’s office and a public health clinic. There are also volunteer emergency medical technicians.

Yakutat is also a popular surfing destination. The city boasts miles of pristine beaches and some of the world’s best waves. There’s a surf shop here for those who want to learn how to surf. There are also rivers and lakes to explore, as well as beautiful walks. One of the most beautiful lakes in the area is Harlequin Lake, which is fed by glaciers. The waters around the lake are home to hundreds of icebergs, which makes it an ideal spot for surfing.

Yakutat offers excellent fishing. You’ll be surrounded by pristine waters that are rich in nutrients. Many species of fish migratory patterns cross through the area, so you’re more likely to catch a great catch.


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