Delectable Seafood Flavors With Fleur De Lis

Fluoride may not be known as the most important mineral in your body, but fleur de sel is definitely up there. Formed as a fine, thin crust when it crystallizes from seawater, fleur de sel is also known as flor de sal. Fleur de sel was collected from ancient times because of its cleansing and healing properties. Today it is used primarily as an accent salt to garnish and flavor food.

fleur de sel

To use fleur de sel to its fullest ability, you must first learn how to properly use it. You can use fleur de sel in two primary ways: to dissolve the taste of salty foods and to improve the flavor of pickled fish and other dishes. Of course, it does not do these things alone; adding it to salty or pickled food gives it a salty taste. To improve the flavor of seafood and other salty dishes, experiment with a bit of fleur de sel on a spoon; if the taste is improved, simply add more of it to your dish.

Using fleur de sel as an accent to flavor seafood and baked goods is easy. Start by sprinkling fleur de sel on top of the breadcrumbs before you place them under the oven’s broiler. This will coat the breadcrumbs in fleur de sel, which turns the bread into a beautiful light brown color. If baking fish for a dinner party, sprinkle with fleur de sel on the cooked fish to give it a wonderful flavor, or sprinkle it on top of baked potatoes and brown rice to enhance their flavor.

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In order to use fleur de sel as an accent to flavor your food or to make salty snacks taste better, experiment a bit with the different types of herbs that are available in the market. Experiment and see what tastes good to you. You can use the herbs to add a bit of spice to your meal or to help enhance the flavor of your snacks. Try experimenting with the different varieties of dried flowers and find out which one you like best and stick to it.

There are many recipes on how to season your food with fleur de sel. Some people use salt, while others mix vinegar with it. The final flavor you want your food to have is one that compliments your meal or your snacks. Experiment a bit and see what taste best meet your needs. To sum it up, fleur de sel adds a touch of elegance to the salty trend of today’s world.


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