Free and Cheap Things to Do in Attalla, Texas

There are many free and cheap things to do in Attalla, Texas. Some of these include the Big Wills Creek Campground, Tubing, and visiting the Native American cemetery and village. There are also a variety of places to see and learn about history.

Big Wills Creek Campground

If you’re looking for a family friendly campground, Big Wills Creek Campground and Tubing is a great choice. Located in Attalla, Alabama, this campground is a great choice for a summer getaway. It features full hookups and rustic primitive camping. Day passes are also available.

This park offers full amenities like flush toilets, showers, drinking water, laundry facilities, and playground equipment. You can also rent canoes and paddleboats. The park also hosts Christmas on the Creek, which is perfect for family fun in the winter.


Tubing is a great way to spend an afternoon with the family. There are a number of great places in Attalla, Texas to enjoy the sport. Big Wills Creek Campground is one of them, as is the Tigers For Tomorrow wildlife park. For a day out with the family, visit one of these other great locations and spend some time exploring the area.

The Big Wills Creek Campground & Tubing is one of the best places in the state for tubing. It was recently opened and is perfect for families and large groups. The campground sells tubes for rent and welcomes kayaks. The campground also has a store where you can buy tubes and other necessary items.

Native American village

The town of Attalla, Texas, was incorporated in 1872, but the town’s history predates that date. The town sits on the site of a Native American village that played a major role during the Creek War, which occurred in 1813-14. The village was located along the banks of Big Wills Creek and Line Creek, also known as Radliff Creek. These creeks formed the town’s southern boundary and led down to the Coosa River.

The town was home to an Indian village during the Creek War, which caused the name ‘Atale’ to be used. According to a book about place names in Alabama, the original name was Atale, a corruption of the Cherokee word ‘otali’. In 1825, La Fayette visited the town as a guest of the U.S. government, and in 1829, a writer named Courter B. Chateaubriand penned a novel about the village called Atala, an Indian maiden.

Native American cemetery

The Lipan Apache people have a cemetery in Attalla, Texas, that has a long history. Christina Hernandez has been visiting the cemetery since she was a young child. She often tends to the grave of her great aunt’s brothers and grandfather. When she noticed that the mound was beginning to crumble, she and her father decided to do something about it.

Before the town of Attalla became a town, the area was occupied by a Native American village that was very important in the Creek War of 1813-14. The village was located along Line Creek, formerly known as Radliff Creek, and Big Wills Creek. These two streams formed the southern boundary of the village, and they connected to the Coosa River.

The Miakan-Garza tribe filed a petition to rebury their ancestors four years ago, but the UT denied their request. The Miakan-Garza tribe, along with UT students, began a petition to reinter their ancestors.

The cemetery is a sacred site for Indigenous people and is surrounded by a mound of rocks and wire. It was mostly vacant until development started in the 1970s. The cemetery was largely overlooked for decades, and younger generations may not understand its significance. However, despite its past, it is a place of remembrance for the Lipan Apache.

In the South Texas Plains, native groups established well-defined territories and established compact cemeteries that were used for generations. The best-documented cemeteries date from the Late Archaic, but others will likely come to light as modern land changes take place. During this time period, most of the tribes’ home lands were in other parts of the area, near permanent bodies of water.


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