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Angry Orchard

Located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, Angry Orchard is one of Hudson’s most well-known destinations. It is a place where locals and tourists alike can get a taste of the local apple harvest. Cider, brewed on the premise, is made from local, foraged apples. Visitors can learn about the process from the apples to the finished product, and sample several varieties. In addition, the cidery features an authentic treehouse, outdoor seating, and eclectic food trucks.

The orchard is easy to reach by car. Driving to the orchard from Manhattan is a simple process. The nearest Metro-North station is Grand Central, and it runs to Harlem-125 St in Beacon. Depending on the amount of traffic, you can expect to be there in about two hours. If you are planning to visit on a Sunday, make sure to plan for enough time, as traffic in the city can be dense.

A visit to the Angry Orchard in Walden, New York, will give you an opportunity to sample a wide range of ciders. This region of New York has a rich history of cider making. Some of the cider orchards in the area date as far back as 200 years. Angry Orchard, in particular, is a small company that produces craft cider. It has more than a dozen different varieties of cider on offer at any given time. Its Farm Series is a celebration of New York State agriculture.

The ciderhouse is also a great place to enjoy food. There are both indoor and outdoor seating areas. Food trucks are available on the weekends, and pizza is made on-site. The cider list is extensive, and there is a vegan and gluten-free menu available.

If you’re in the mood for hard cider, visit the Angry Orchard Innovation Cider House in the Hudson Valley. This cidery offers cider tastings from the Hudson Valley region. The cidery has a long history of farming, and the cidery even offers tours of its barrel rooms.

The farm’s 60-acre orchard captures almost half of the nation’s cider market. Located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, the orchard also has a taproom where guests can enjoy appetizers and cider while admiring the picturesque countryside. Guests can also enjoy guided orchard walks and a treehouse experience. The orchard also offers a cider club and discounts.

Angry Orchard’s cider house

Angry Orchard’s cider is made on-site. You can order it from a barrel or try samplers at a food truck. Whether you’re looking for a drink or a snack, this Hudson cider house is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Located on a 60-acre apple orchard in Walden, NY, the Angry Orchard’s cidery is a unique place to enjoy cider. In addition to being a place where the cider makers can experiment and research, the cider house is open to the public. They’re also committed to educating the public about the process of cider making and spreading awareness about the beverage.

If you’re looking for a great trip from New York City, Angry Orchard’s cidery is a perfect destination. The Hudson Valley is filled with beautiful scenery, incredible hiking trails, and good food. It is not difficult to reach the cidery from NYC.

Angry Orchard’s cidery is set to open its doors late in the fall. Visitors will be able to explore the process of making cider, as well as try some exclusive varieties. Despite being largely unknown in the United States, craft cider has been exploding in popularity in recent years. With its focus on education, Angry Orchard’s goal is to help the cider industry grow in the US.

The cider house has a history that dates back to the mid-1700s. It was originally a farm, but the owners converted it into a full-time orchard in the 1950s. During colonial times, the Hudson Valley was known for growing traditional cider apple varieties. But with the end of prohibition, hard cider production decreased and orchards began focusing on more common culinary apple varieties. Angry Orchard plans to plant new heirloom varieties on its orchard over the next few years.

The cidery also produces award-winning spirits. The cider is made with native yeast and foraged wild apples from Greene County. The cider house is a favorite among Hudson Valley residents and is also home to a unique treehouse and eclectic food trucks. There are many cider options at Angry Orchard’s cider house in Hudson.

The cider-making process is an art. The barrel-aging process allows the cider to develop a unique flavor. As it ages, it releases phenols and tannins specific to the wood from which it was aged. This process creates the distinctive aroma and flavor of artisanal cider.

The cidery also has locations across the country. The main headquarters are in Walden, California, and offer tours of the cider house. The cidery hosts events year-round and offers bottle and draft cider for purchase. Visitors can also take growlers for home. It’s a great way to enjoy the cider in a new environment.

Angry Orchard’s cider houses have both indoor and outdoor seating. You can enjoy cider with snacks or take a picnic with friends. The cider house also has a full menu of food. You can order pizza from the on-site pizza shop or order food from their food trucks.

Harney’s tea room

While you’re visiting Hudson, don’t skip a stop at the Harney’s tea room. The tea lounge is a popular destination for locals, with 250 different varieties to choose from. In addition to serving fine teas, the tea lounge offers a wide variety of baked goods and lunch entrees.

The tea room offers over 70 different varieties of tea, including some that are locally-produced. You can also purchase gifts, tea accessories, and even branded tea cups. The tea room is also a great place to host a business breakfast or bridal shower.

Harney’s tea room has a long and distinguished history. The company was founded in 1880 by Michael Harney. He had his father, John Harney, develop a line of tea for the Historic Royal Palaces of England, which oversees six royal properties, including the Tower of London and Kensington Palace. The company is proud that its teas are served in the UK, and each blend pays homage to the tea’s imperial past.

Whether you enjoy a hot beverage or a delicious meal, a visit to Harney’s tea room in Hudson is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. The picturesque Hudson Valley makes for a beautiful setting to sit and enjoy a cup of tea.

A family-owned business, the tea room has a rich history in the Hudson area. John Harney first began making tea in his basement and grew the business to a global operation. Today, it is operated by his sons and employs more than 200 people. After John’s death in June 2014, his legacy continues on. Today, three generations of the Harney family are passionate about tea.

Located in Hudson, the Harney & Sons Fine Tea company is a Hudson Valley success story. The company’s products are world-class and are served in many iconic places around the world. The company also provides the official teas for the Historic Royal Palaces of the United Kingdom.

The tea room’s main location is a converted Victorian home. The restaurant serves Harney and Son tea and also offers three themed rooms. The shop is a popular destination for bridal showers and birthday parties. It also offers a school of etiquette, and can also host other events.


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