Qualify Leads With Conversational Bot Technology

A chat bot is a software program designed to perform an online chat conversation through text or chat-to-voice, rather than giving direct human contact to a live human moderator. It can take the place of a real-life moderator, taking the place of a real-life employee, or it can simply be used as a replacement for a real life employee. Either way, the chat bot has the potential to significantly improve customer service, and ultimately increase sales. Below are some of the biggest benefits of chat bot technology:

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Human moderators can’t keep up with all of the questions that might arise during a normal conversation. Chat bots using advanced artificial intelligence have the potential to perform as many functions as a real-life employee would, but without the need to interrupt and answer questions. The bot can be a welcome solution to customers who are not always ready to leave chat sessions or are not comfortable leaving messages for a moderator. Since these chat bots using conversational artificial intelligence have no emotions, they can be infinitely polite and remain informative even when the customer leaves the chat session. This allows the company to maintain a good level of customer service while eliminating many of the repetitive, annoying, or off-putting tasks traditionally assigned to employees.

Sales representatives often struggle with the act of cold calling. They are able to qualify leads by speaking with qualified prospects, but since most qualified leads are not interested in talking with telemarketers, these efforts are not very successful. A chatbot conversation can be used to carry out these conversations over again, qualifying leads on the fly. This saves the sales representative time and money by eliminating the need to spend countless hours cold calling, and it makes the sale more personal.

Many companies are turning to chatbot features to help increase productivity. An example of this is snapengage. Snapengage is a bot that automatically opens and closes various intercoms, such as intercoms to management, employees, or vendors. It does this without any human interaction, so the individual does not have to do it or be present to physically do so.

Another chatbot feature commonly used by businesses is instant messaging. This allows the business owner to use existing email marketing services, such as Aweber, to connect with other business owners and employees who might be located anywhere in the world. These chatbot users can also take part in online surveys, providing information about their interests and needs. In turn, the survey results are sent to the company owner, who can then take action based upon the customer’s feedback.

Chat Bots provide businesses with additional ways to serve customers. Since chatbots usually work independently, there is little need to hire employees for customer support. Employees in customer support are more likely to become frustrated with the system if it does not perform as they would want it to. Chat Bots provide an interactive interface for customers, which allows them to get quick answers to their questions. This allows the business owner to focus on more important matters, while chat bots handle things such as customer support and technical issues that normal employees would have to deal with.

Businesses that rely heavily on chat bot technologies are finding that they are able to dramatically increase customer service and increase profitability. A chatbot typically responds to queries, performs a relevant search based on the customer’s preferences, provides information based on what the customer asked for, and then promptly forwards it back to the original customer or to the person who made the inquiry. Because the chatbot acts independently and doesn’t require much interaction from the user, it can perform tasks that would be too tedious or difficult for humans to do. Therefore, a chatbot qualifies leads, responds to chatbox messages, performs live chat, performs interviews and surveys, and can even qualify potential customers.

Bot technology is only becoming more popular because it continues to evolve. As chatbot technology increases in capabilities, it also becomes more affordable and easier to use. Many businesses are finding that they use bots for various purposes, including qualifying leads, handling chat messages, acting as consultants, completing surveys, communicating with clients, answering questions, and providing answers to frequently asked questions. The wide variety of uses demonstrates how important bot technology is and how it will continue to grow.


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