Salt Truffles Is Gourmet Truffles

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Salt Truffles Is Gourmet Truffles

One of the most savored flavors in many peoples’ diets is truffle salt. Many people know what it is but not everyone knows why it’s so great. Truffle salt sparkle has created a sensation in the worlds culinary circles and the name seems to be spreading faster than the snow in Paris. But, how did this seemingly new salt become such a popular favorite?

Truffle salt, also called “black truffle” by some, is a high quality product. The rich, dark flavor imparts the feel of luxury food at an affordable price but with a somewhat more sophisticated flair. Some cooks claim that its richer flavor is because it’s made from real fungus or “food-of-the Gods” but this has yet to be proven. The inclusion of Black Truffle Salt into any savory dish adds an entirely new cuisine flare usually found only in 5 star hotels, usually found only at special events.

So how did this salty alternative to traditional sea salt become such a hit? Its newfound popularity has been fueled mostly by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. After sampling truffle salt he introduced it to his loyal followers on his eponymous blog. And along the way it became a much sought after ingredient not only in his cookbooks but also in his famous meals at the Fox and Hound in London’s Mayfair. The trend caught on and soon other chefs were adding it to their menus.

But the exact source of this culinary sensation is shrouded in mystery. The closest we can go is to trace its creation back to ancient times when the Aztecs in South America first used the newly discovered black truffle salt. What they did was dry the seeds from the tree and use them to season meats and fish. Although this method was more or less rudimentary, the technique was used to create a flavor that would rival those of spices like turmeric, an age-old favorite.

This flavor was further developed when Marco Polo imported truffles back with him from Europe to China. He presented these “woods” to the emperors as a status symbol of his high status. Soon after, Europeans began to take notice of this unusual new salt and began collecting it for their own cuisines. It wasn’t until the 1800’s when the method was rediscovered by American businessman Harry W. Truffles III. His efforts sparked the production of what is known today as truffle oil, which was first sold in the U.S. as a concentrated and salty form of the black truffles.

Since then, there has been no looking back for the real black truffles. In fact, over the years the demand for salt form this heavenly herb has only increased. Salt is used in a variety of cuisines. Some of these include: Chinese, Italian, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Philippines, and Dominican Republic. With such a wide array of cuisines using this salty herb, its not surprising that consumers continue to purchase it by the bagful for use in cooking.

Today’s chefs are also taking advantage of this trend by concocting their own versions of the classic truffle salt. These salts are usually made with herbs and spices that impart a unique flavor that is difficult to reproduce with any other product. Traditionally, black truffles were used in Italian cooking where the woodsy, earthy aroma of the woods is an absolute must. But now chefs are using sea salt, which goes a step further in simulating the flavor and aroma.

It is unfortunate that a simple, natural product like black truffle salt was used in times past as a main ingredient because it can be very high in sodium. For example, much sodium is in seafood, especially red fish. This contributes to high blood pressure as well as potential cardiovascular problems. This is why it is very important to choose your salt with care. Avoid products with much sodium and you will help to keep yourself healthy.


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