Top 10 Songs About Witchcraft

When it comes to music about witchcraft, Stevie Nicks’ ‘Magic Touch’ is a favorite. Florence Welch and Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Don’t Kill the Magic’ are also on my list. But what makes these songs special?

Stevie Nicks

Many have wondered if Stevie Nicks is a witch. After all, she wore black clothing on stage and was even subjected to death threats for her appearance. But Stevie refused to compromise her image, and in the process, paved the way for other female artists to be themselves. The pop singer even guest starred in American Horror Story: Coven, where she played a witch. The witch role appealed to her because it implied power, uncontainable energy, and a certain image.

Stevie Nicks has also written songs about witchcraft, including a song about the Welsh witch Rhiannon, from her album ‘Hounds of Love.’ The song is based on the book ‘The Witch of Blackbird Pond’ and is available for download on all music platforms. Her song “Brujas'” discusses the witchcraft connections of Princess Nokia, and makes reference to spell casting, hexing, and speaking in tongues.

One song that focuses on the importance of beauty in life is “Seven Wonders.” The title refers to the seven “Wonders of the World”, which are the world’s most magnificent natural features and human-built structures. Witches are believed to have to complete all seven to become the Supreme, or High Priestess. Nicks recorded this song after being invited to perform it in a coven by a coven leader.

Stevie Nicks has a long history with witchcraft. She has always been associated with Halloween and loved the color black and orange. She also embraced modern witchcraft and neo-Paganism, although she never underwent an initiation into Wicca.

Stevie Nicks’ song ‘Magic Touch’

“Magic Touch” is a song about witchcraft written by Stevie Nicks, who has been fascinated with witchcraft since the 1970s. Her band, Fleetwood Mac, has been associated with witchcraft, and the song itself is a powerful representation of her fascination. Although Nicks has denied her association with witchcraft, she has long been associated with the dark arts. Her lyrics are poetic, and her music has a jazzy and folky twang.

The song is based on the novel “Triad” by Mary Bartlet Leade. The song is four minutes and ten seconds long. Nicks wrote the song with Rick Vito. The song has a great chorus that would be a hit by today’s mainstream country acts.

The song also makes a feminist statement. While Nicks’ lyrics are about a witch, they also celebrate the power of women. Nicks’ song makes it possible for women to transcend the ordinary by achieving a deeper connection with themselves. Her lyrics evoke an image of Rhiannon, a Welsh goddess, who has been possessed by a witch.

Nicks’ association with witchcraft was a major factor when she was a child. She was fascinated with Halloween as a child and even dyed her yellow Martha Washington costume black. Her dark style became more pronounced with the release of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album, which was full of memorable songs. Her association with witchcraft had a profound impact on the singer and her career, but she refused to let it deter her.

In 1982, Nicks’ best friend Robin Snyder Anderson died of leukemia. Her grief motivated her to return to songwriting. “Nightbird” was written in a matter of hours in Nicks’ living room, where she wrote it with Sandy Stewart.

Florence Welch’s ‘Don’t Kill the Magic’

This song is a powerful one about the power of being a witch. In this song, Florence Welch likens herself to the character Lucy, a young girl who feeds off the children. In order to get her new power, she coaxes her fiancee Arthur into letting her feed him. Later, she transforms into a flying witch. The song’s haunting melody and powerful lyrics convey a sense of eerie power.

This song also evokes a dark time in history. Florence Welch once claimed to be a practicing witch, but she later gave up the craft to focus on her music. Her songs often contain references to witchcraft.

During the final part of the song, Florence lifts her arm and tilts her head. This gesture may be meant to summon the ghost who inspired the song. The music, emotion, and sound she elicits can conjure up the ghost. Music, in particular, can transmute into mystical fire.

‘Howl’ by Florence + the Machine is another great song about witchcraft. This song is powerful and intense, and it is best heard live. The band’s live performance of this song is incredibly moving. The song “Which Witch” is particularly moving and haunting. The lyrics depict a dark world and a lover who is far away.

‘Witchcraft Song’ is another great song about witchcraft, a song which a cool cat can dedicate to black magic babes on Halloween. This folk song is also sympathetic to all the women who have been accused of witchcraft throughout history. The chorus starts with a medley of voices telling the witch to wake up, and the song ends with the witch being saved from drowning.

Stevie Nicks’ song ‘Hounds of Love’

Did Stevie Nicks write ‘Hounds of Love’ about witchcraft? The singer’s song is inspired by the Welsh witch Rhiannon, who appears in the book ‘The Witch of Blackbird Pond’. It makes references to casting spells, speaking in tongues, and hexing. However, Nicks has denied rumors about her occult roots.

The song begins harmlessly with observations of weather conditions before shifting to more sinister territory. The song’s video explains the underlying themes. It ends with a marching tune that recalls the sounds of Sousa. The harp adds an extra layer of complexity and realism.

“Witchcraft” is an outtake from the Temptations’ debut album. The song was recorded during the era of Margaret Thatcher’s government. It went to number two on the UK charts. Similarly, ‘Wicked’ has a song called ‘Defying Gravity’ about witchcraft, which references the iconic witch Elphaba.

Nicks’ song ‘Hounds Of Love’ is a classic. It was a hit and has remained a fan favourite, appearing on numerous best-of-set lists. It was written shortly after Nicks and Buckingham joined the band. It remains one of the greatest pop songs ever written.

‘Beverly Hills’ is another classic. The lyrics describe a woman trapped in a brothel. Its use in movies and TV shows has made it a witchy favorite. While “Beverly Hills” isn’t explicitly about witchcraft, the song’s New Orleans background makes it an ideal choice for witchcraft fans.

Bush is an English keyboardist and singer. Her songs are often moody and reflective of the primitive belief in animism. She evokes Stonehenge in her lyrics, while her music features dark ritualistic drumming and inventive harmonies. Her songs are also infused with a stark magnetism reminiscent of Stevie Nicks’ best work.


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