Where to Buy French Salt and Fleur De Sel

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Where to Buy French Salt and Fleur De Sel

Where can you buy French salt? If you’re looking for the sweetest kind, the fleur de sel, you’ve come to the right place. This type of salt is harvested near the coast of La Bussiere in Burgundy and transported to a mine in Tours. Workers there spend long hours harvesting and cleaning the salt to produce this fine, sweet version of the classic French condiment. If you want to buy French sea or gourmet table salt, you can find it in specialty food stores, on eBay and on Amazon.

Buying French salt is more expensive than common table salt, but it’s worth the price. Its distinctive crunch and intriguing flavor make it an excellent choice for gourmet meals. Even though it’s more expensive than common table or sea salt, you’ll be able to find it at any grocery store. It may be hard to find, but it’s worth the investment. It’s also easy to find. It’s available in specialty food stores, such as Whole Foods, or online in specialty stores like Etsy. It’s a little expensive, but it’s worth it.

Fleur de sel is another option for gourmet salt. It’s a highly sought-after ingredient, harvested in the Brittany region. Its delicate flavor is the result of natural salt-citrus fermentation and is packed in a reusable linen bag. Today, you can find this product in several places across the United States, but it’s recommended to purchase it from a gourmet store or specialty store. You’ll find it more expensive than ordinary table salt, but it’s worth the price. It helps control fluid retention and enhances muscle function, so you’ll want to make sure you purchase a few bottles.


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