Why I Dream Clean Has The Best Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning Las Vegas

Why I Dream Clean Has The Best Airbnb Added Cleaning Las Vegas? Is it because I follow the strict COVID 19 standards for Airbnb enhanced cleaning? It’s not just about the certification, either. Airbnb has a long history of keeping its properties clean. 94 percent of guests have said they were satisfied with the cleanliness of their accommodations. When you follow this protocol, you’ll protect your guests, your reputation, and the community at large.

COVID-19-certified airbnb cleaning

Airbnb has recently stepped up its standards for cleaning vacation rentals. The COVID-19 outbreak has affected countless travelers and caused many hosts to close their doors. Airbnb has also implemented new policies that require cleaners to wear a mask and practice social distancing. Here are some of the new rules:

The Enhanced Clean program requires hosts to follow a strict protocol for preventing and removing the infection. The protocol requires hosts to wait at least 24 hours between bookings and cleaning. If a host chooses not to adopt this protocol, the host must wait 72 hours between check-ins and check-outs. The buffers are necessary to minimize the risk of COVID-19.

COVID-19-certified airbn B cleaning guidelines require Airbnb hosts to adhere to a five-step process, which includes five steps and more stringent preparations for safe cleaning. In addition, the new standards require hosts to follow checklists, wear protective equipment, and commit to higher cleaning standards. I Dream Clean is the only COVID-19-certified airbnb cleaning service in the Seattle area that offers the COVID-19 certification.

5-step cleaning process

You can enlist the services of an Airbnb enhanced cleaning service by visiting the company’s website. The website offers helpful tips and instructions for cleaning a vacation rental. You can also watch videos and look at checklists. If you decide to enlist the service, you’ll be able to add a special callout on your listing, which will let travelers know you’re serious about providing the best cleaning possible.

When you use an Airbnb enhanced cleaning company, you can rest assured that you’ll have a property that is clean and healthy for your guests. The company follows a strict protocol for cleanliness. Leading health experts advise the hosts on the best methods to maintain a clean property. In addition to providing great guest experiences, an Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning Las Vegas service is also good for the environment. For this reason, I Dream Clean has earned a spot on the list of top cleaning services in the area.

Signs of a deep clean

The Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning Initiative is designed to help hosts and guests make their accommodations cleaner and safer. This program provides information and resources on deep cleaning, as well as a certification test. These services help Airbnb hosts meet their standards for cleanliness, and are beneficial for both parties. By becoming an Airbnb host, you will be able to ensure that your property is spotless and free of allergens. In addition to providing quality service, they will make your listing look great for guests.

The most popular locations for Enhanced Cleaning are the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and Barbados. Most of these locations are in the U.S., although you can find a company in the Peak District in Hope Valley, U.K., that also offers Enhanced Cleaning. These companies are dedicated to providing the highest quality cleaning possible. This commitment to customer satisfaction is an essential part of the Airbnb process, and I Dream Clean has the best in Las Vegas.

Enrolling in the Enhanced Cleaning program is simple. Simply go to the Airbnb website and complete the required quiz. If you pass the quiz, you can earn a special icon and a sign on your listing page. As long as you follow the guidelines and adhere to the standards of cleanliness, you will be rewarded with a special call-out on your listing. This will make it clear to guests that you are serious about maintaining a clean listing.


Enhanced cleaning has been a popular service for many Airbnb hosts. The new program allows Airbnb hosts to add an extra cleaning step to their listing. Enhanced clean offers a five-step cleaning process that is guaranteed to leave your property sparkling and ready to host. While you can choose to continue to follow the old cleaning procedures, you can enroll in the new program by going to your Airbnb account and filling out an attestation and quiz. This way, you can let your guests know you take your cleaning seriously.

There are several factors that determine the cleaning fee for Airbnb rentals. The first one is the size and type of listing. A studio flat will be much smaller than a five-bedroom mansion, so you must think about this before listing your property. Next, you must look at your competition to see which of them charge this fee. If they have the lowest rates, it is best to use their services. If your listing is small, you can charge a lower cleaning fee than other hosts in the area.

Another factor that determines the cleaning fee is the amount of time required for the cleaning. The Airbnb cleaning fee is a one-time service charge that covers cleaning costs after guests check out. It does not count toward the security deposit because it is paid directly to the host. Since you can only charge a set amount for cleaning, this fee is a good option for many homeowners. A good way to reduce the cleaning fee is to hire a professional cleaner who can clean your listing for you.

The cost for Airbnb enhanced cleaning is dependent on a variety of factors. The fees vary based on the number of guests, bed size, square footage, and more. Additionally, the cleaning fee may be combined with other fees. The fees can add up to hundreds of dollars. Therefore, you should research other listings in your city to know how much you should charge for your cleaning. For instance, if you have a three-bedroom home in Orlando, you may want to look at average cleaning fees for that area.


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